The royal peerage for serving once as King or Queen of a kingdom.
Aidan ni Leir1979-10-0619th of the East
Genevieve du Vent Argent1984-05-0519th Countess of the Middle
Eliahu ben Itzhak1984-10-13Middle
Sven Gunnarsson1999-01-09Drachenwald
Alexandra of Clan Donald2002-04-065th Countess of Æthelmearc
Andrew MacFarlan of Wigan2002-04-065th Count of Æthelmearc
Henri d'Artois2004-04-177th Count of Æthelmearc
Malcolm Duncan MacEoghainn2005-09-249th Count of Æthelmearc
Tessa the Huntress2005-09-249th Countess of Æthelmearc
Morgen of Rye2007-04-1411th Countess of Æthelmearc
Christopher Rawlyns2007-04-1411th Count of Æthelmearc
Titus Scipio Germanicus2008-08-23West
Elena d'Artois2010-04-1015th Countess of Æthelmearc
Rosalinda of Castile2012-04-1416th Countess of Æthelmearc
Isenwulf Thorolfssone2012-04-1415th Count of Æthelmearc
Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin2012-06-16Drachenwald
Anna Leigh2015-04-1119th Countess of Æthelmearc