Baronial Champions
Baronial Champions
The Baron and Baroness with the 2016 7 Pearls Team
Current Baronial Champions
Archery: Lord Ronan O'Connal (8 October AS LI)
Second:Laird Duncan MacCoulagh
Arts & Sciences: THL Bugga Billabit (21 January AS LI)
Second: Lady Cairidh Eilis O'Coileain
Bardic: THL Silence de Cherbourg (21 January AS LI)
Second: Lady Cairidh Eilis O'Coileain
Fencing: Drotin Jorundr hinn Rotinn (28 May AS LII)
Second: Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill
Heavy Weapons: Traygor Greypanther of the Tuchux (28 May AS LII)
Second: Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora
Thrown Weapons: Kumagaya-roku-i Kentarou Masamoto (6 November AS LI)
Second: Earl Sir Thomas Byron of Haverford
Youth Archery: Carl MacBranduibh (8 October AS LI)
Youth Boffer: Ulf of Borderwatch (17 October AS L)
Baronial Champion Tournaments

The next set of Baronial Champions Tournaments for martial disciplines are currently scheduled for spring 2018 (AS LII/LIII).

Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships are traditionally held at Twelfth Night.

7 Pearls Championship

The 7 Pearls Championship is an annual event where the various champions of the 7 Baronies of Æthelmearc compete for the honor and glory of their Baronies.

The next 7 Pearls Championship will be held September 8-10, A.S. LII (2017) in the Barony of Endless Hills.