Baronial Champions
Baronial Champions
The Baron and Baroness with the Baronial Champions at the 7 Pearls Tournament held in the Barony of Thescorre on Aug 26, 2023 (AS LVIII)
Current Baronial Champions
Archery: THLord Godzimir the Golden (23 July AS LVIII, second), Seven Pearls Champion (August 26, AS LVIII)
Second: Vacant
Arts & Sciences: THNoble Katerina das Vogelain (14 January AS LVII)
Second: Lady Elinor Walden
Bardic: THLady Nichola Beese (14 January AS LVII)
Second: THLady Silence de Cherbourg
Equestrian: Lady Jacklyn of the Debatable Lands (10 June, AS LVIII)
Fencing: Don Robert MacEwin of Thornhill (9 July AS LVIII) - Seven Pearls Champion (August 26, AS LVIII)
Second: Don Jorundr hinn rotinn
Heavy Weapons: Lord Dagon Wrathmonger (16 July AS LVIII)
Second:Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora
Thrown Weapons: Lord Rhys Dunlop (14 May AS LVIII)
Second: Vacant
Youth Archery: Nicholas William (30 June AS LIV)
Youth Fighting: (30 June AS LIV)
  • Division 1: Xavier
  • Division 2: Bree
  • Division 3: Ethan
Baronial Champion Tournaments

Martial Bardic Championships are traditionally held in the summer, at an event to be determined each year.

Equestrian Championship is traditionally held at the Equestrian practice immediately following Thanksgiving each year.

Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships are traditionally held at Twelfth Night.

7 Pearls Championship

The 7 Pearls Championship is an annual event where the various champions of the 7 Baronies of Æthelmearc compete for the honor and glory of their Baronies.

The most recent Seven Pearls Championship was held August 26, 2023 in the Barony of Thescorre.

Next year's Seven Pearls Championship will be held in the Debatable Lands, date to be announced.