Equestrian Activities

Thundering hooves. Flowing manes. Lances. Swords. The thrill of competition, the freeing experience of riding, and the amazing feeling that comes from the partnership with a 2000 lbs animal.

All of these become possible at BMDL's equestrian practice, where we use the same games of skill that medieval mounted warriors used to hone their skills, to improve our weapons handling skills at arms and communication with our mounts.

Don't want to ride but still want to come play with horses? That's okay, too! Come out to our practice to learn about what our ground crew is and what they do. We can't do what we do without them!

Don't own a horse or equestrian weapons? You can come and ride one of our war horses. We also have loaner gear for you to use! So please join us, and learn more about what we do and join our equestrian family! We look forward to seeing everyone come out and have fun and excitement with the horses.

We will be announcing all practices on Stórfréttir (the Baronial blog), the official Baronial Facebook page, as well as the Baronial emailing list. So please if you haven't done so sign up for BMDL’s emails and watch the announcement page on Facebook for any upcoming practices or events. We look forward to seeing everyone and having our equestrian family grow!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at equestrian@debatablelands.org.