The following is an article appearing in The Althing, the newsletter for the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands. The issue is dated February 1982, and was found in the Seneschal's files. There's no mention of author, though I believe it was by Baroness Anna of Kiev, who was the Chronicler at the time. Transcribed into electronic format by me, Hilda, on February 9th, 2011.

The History of the Order of the Comet

To all people who dwell within the Barony March of The Debatable Lands, greetings. As it has been some time (almost three years) since the Order of the Comet was established, I thought it best that a public notice of it be made available. There are many people new to our area and society who have heard of the Order, but are unfamiliar with its significance.

First of all, what is it? It is a "Baronial Order" that is given to citizens of the Barony only, who have performed great service with dedication to the advancement of the arts and sciences or have shown valor on the field of honor. Extraordinary service to the Barony in general is also recognized in this way. Secondly, when is it given? Although we usually try to give them out at the local twelfth night, there has never been a particular time or place for awarding the Order of the Comet. Twelfth night has been nice because a year has gone by, and a well-attended court usually occurs, but a "Comet" can be given any time or any place by either the Baron or the Baroness. They are not conferred lightly, however.

Any citizen of the Debatable Lands may nominate any other Debatable Lander for a Comet but we enjoy hearing from those who already hold the order. It must be understood, though, that a nomination does not guarantee an award. The Order of the Comet is the prerogative of the Baronial circlet.

Valour, courage, and skill at arms are awarded the Order of The Red Comet. The Order of The Blue Comet is granted for research and promotion in the sciences. The Order of The Silver is given for practicing, teaching, and promoting the arts. The fourth and final range is the Order of The Gold Comet for exemplary service, dedication, and all-around hard work not covered by the above categories. All colors are equal in acclaim and honor.

The holders of the Order of The Comet are listed below. They did long hard work for them. They earned them and their labors should not be taken for granted! The awarding dates are mundane!

Order of the Red Comet:

Order of The Blue Comet:

Order of The Silver Comet:

Order of The Gold Comet: