Appointed Positions

Appointed Positions are not elected by the officers or members of the Barony; they are appointed directly to their positions by one or more officers.

Everyone who attends an SCA event (not a practice, meeting or demo) is expected to dress in a reasonable attempt at pre-17th century clothing (colloquially known as "garb"). However, you probably don't have garb when you're going to your first few events! Gold Key offers garb lending services to newcomers so they can feel more at home at SCA events until they decide whether they want to invest the time and resources into obtaining their own garb.
Iron Key
Much like Gold Key lends garb to people who don't yet have their own, Iron Key maintains the Baronial supply of armor and fighting equipment that can be lent to those who are interested in trying a martial activity without requiring that they purchase their own armor and equipment.
The Barony also maintains a collection of various supplies such as kitchen equipment that is necessary to run events without relying one individual members to offer their own for communal use. The Steward keeps a catalog of all the Baronial possessions, maintains and replaces it when necessary, and arranges for members who require it to borrow what they need.
THLady Lisabetta de Rossi
When the Baron and Baroness recognize a member of the Barony for their hard work, the award they receive is almost always accompanied by a piece of commemorative, hand-created artwork (called a "scroll") patterned after a medieval manuscript. These works of art are created by talented and generous artisans, and the Signet coordinates which scribe or scribes will be responsible for creating each scroll and ensures that the Baron and Baroness and their Herald are in possession of those scrolls in time for them to be given out in Baronial Court.
The Dark Pages is the contact list for members of the Barony, maintained by the Editor. If you've recently joined the Barony, or moved into, out of, or within it, be sure to let the Dark Pages Editor know!
The Historian chronicles and maintains the history of the Barony through photos and collections, and shares those things with the Barony in order to make sure that we all remember and appreciate where we as a Barony have come from.
Minister of Youth
The Minister of Youth arranges for children's activities at events and meetings so that our youngest attendees can be entertained. Please note that parents are expected to maintain custody of their children at all times while at SCA events.