Baronial Awards

The Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, like in most Baronies in the SCA, will bestow awards upon members of their Populace who excel in one or more martial activities, artistic pursuits or ventures of service. They can also bestow award upon visitors to our Barony who demonstrate exceptional friendship and service to our lands.

While each Baron and Baroness may slightly change the names of the awards that are bestowed, the current Baron and Baroness have chosen to give the following awards. Clicking each link will take you to the section of the Baronial Order of Precedence that lists all recipients of that category of award, regardless of the name under which it was given at the time.

Amber Comet
Service to the Barony
Lapis Comet
Skill and teaching in one or more artistic pursuits
Hematite Comet
Prowess in one or more martial pursuits
Jade Comet
Given to those who contribute significantly to the Barony but do not live within its borders
Amethyst Comet
Given to youth of the Barony who show promise through their skill, prowess, service
Order of Copernicus
Given once a year to that person who most exemplifies what we in the Barony aspire to within the Society