Baronial Suggestion Box
This suggestion box is intended to facilitate conversation between the populace, the Baronage and the Officers of the Debatable Lands. It is often easier for people to write down their thoughts when allowed the mask of anonymity and it is our hope that this will encourage more people to share their feedback/complaints/suggestions.
Unfortunately, anonymity also can inspire some people to behave inappropriately online. "It is expected that participants in the SCA shall treat each other with respect and civility and this extends beyond SCA gatherings. Participants expressing themselves in any forum on an issue related to the SCA shall likewise maintain civility and courtesy." (From the Code of Conduct)
If you would like to send an award recommendation to the Baron & Baroness, go to the Recommendation Form.
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If applicable, please select which Office this feedback, complaint or suggestion is directed towards. If you're not sure, select "Seneschal" and they will either respond to, or direct your feedback to, the appropriate Officer.
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Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your feedback, complaint or suggestion. Please know that it will be listened to and taken seriously.