Companions of the Silver Alce
The order for recognizing the youth of Æthelmearc for martial prowess.
Wulfgar mab Graedwynn2002-08-16Principal
Halldórr bildr2004-04-03
Rouland of Willowbrooke2006-05-13
Wolfgang von Carlson2008-02-09
Robert MacEwin of Thornhill2008-10-25
Jacob of the Debatable Lands2010-05-22
Cionaodh mac Eamoinn2010-08-11
Aydamur ibn abd Allah2011-04-09
Joshua of the Debatable Lands2011-08-27
Ian of the Debatable Lands2011-08-27
Gwion ab Wilim2012-11-03
Peter Martin2013-05-18
Tiberious Romulus Aquilias2013-08-24
Katrina Beese2018-01-06