Event Bid Policy

Event bids must be submitted by any member of the BMDL who wishes to autocrat an event. Event bids must also be submitted by members of other local groups who want the BMDL to sponsor their event.

Event bids must be presented at a bi-monthly Baronial Officers' meeting (or, in special cases, at a regular monthly Barony meeting, by pre-arrangement with the Seneschal) in order to be approved.

The absolute deadline to bid for an unofficial event is the Officers' Meeting two months before the month of the event. For example, the March officers' meeting can consider an unofficial May event. Official events must be submitted at least four months in advance of the event in order to make the deadline for the Kingdom newsletter. Ideally, all event bids should be submitted six to twelve months in advance.

All event bids must include the following:

Ideal event bids should also include the following:

Forms available for download:

Event Bid FormWord
Troll Cash Count & Balance SheetMicrosoft Excel or PDF
Autocrat's Event Report Form — Microsoft Excel (with formulas) or (without formulas)

Instructions for submitting an event announcement can be found in the Kingdom Chronicler's policies. The following link will take you to a document from the Æthelmearc kingdom web site: Kingdom Chronicler Policies