Court Report for BMDL Twelfth Night
January 14, AS LVII (2023)

The Court of Their Excellencies, Brandubh and Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands at the XII Night celebration, January 14, 2023, AS LVII. Court heralded by Baron William de Montegilt, Comet Pursuivant.

Thus follows the announcements given and awards granted at the pleasure of Their Excellencies Brandubh and Hilderun:

HE Muirgheal inghen Dughghaill, Seneschale: Sundry information about the site and accommodations made for regulations caused by the present Plague.

Lady Forveleth Dunde, Autocrat: Sundry announcements concerning the Brewers Guild, filter boxes, the auction, the Debatable Choir, and I Genesii, the Greatest Commedia dell'Arte company in the Knowne Worlde.

Lady Melodia Beaupel, a Gold Comet, for her efforts as thrown weapons marshal and food wrangler at XII Nights. Scroll by THL Gesa von Wellenstein, words by Master Alaric MacConnell.

Bardic Champion William de Montegilt stepping down, and announcement of the new Baronial Bardic Champion and Second, THL Nichola Beese and THL Silence de Cherbourg. Scroll by HE Edana the Red and THL Nichola Beese.

Arts and Sciences Champion THL Rachel Dalicieux stepping down, and announcement of the new Baronial A&S Champion and Second, THN Katerina das Vogelein and Lady Elinor Walden. Scroll by THL Rachel Dalicieux.

Lady Elinor Walden, a Gold Comet, for her efforts as retainer, seamstress, beautiful sewing skills, and archer. Book by Lady Rose O'Tierrany.

Meistari Urho Walterinnen, a Gold Comet, for his work as archery marchal, fostering community and caring for the archery loaner gear for over a decade, and also for the cookie competition. Scroll by Scribal West.

Lady Svava Jorudottir, a Gold Comet, for her efforts as deputy chatelaine and parade wrangling. Runestone by Lady Forveleth Dunde.

Lord Yarden of the Debatable Lands, an Iron Comet, for his equestrian skills (current Baronial Equestrian Champion), and for hosting practices and tournaments for the Barony. Scroll by THL Gesa vonWellenstein.

Maistress Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon, a Silver Comet, for her participation in Cooks Guild, heraldry, especially heraldic design and art, and master maker of marzipan for baronial largess. Illumination byTHL Owen Teg, Calligraphy by THL Rachel Dalicieux, Words by Master Alaric MacConnell.

Master Alastar Scott MacCrummin, DEMANDED into Court, due to a recipe for killing and preparing a unicorn, found by a scullery maid. This of course is strictly forbidden by the previous Royalty. After sufficient explanation, he was granted a Silver Comet, for his work as cook, patron of the Arts, brewer, and gamer extrordinaire. Game Board by Christofano.

Lord Reinhard Regenbogen, a Gold Comet, for his efforts as webminister. Scroll by Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh and Cristofano.

Lord Niall Mac Rædwulf, a Gold Comet, for his work as Aethereal Herald, streaming courts, ice runs, and help at the baronial camp. Scroll by Lord Reinhard Regenbogen.

Thanks from Their Excellencies to all those scribes and wordsmiths who participated in the awards given out, and to Lady Forveleth and her staff and all those connected with running the event.

There being no further business, the Court of Their Excellencies was closed. Reported by Baron William de Montegilt, Comet Pursuivant.

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