Court Report for Vikingathing
March 18, AS LVII (2023)

Report of the Court of the Their Excellencies Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron et Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands held on the tenth day of June anno societatis 58 at Iris Festival Event. Lord Ronan O’Conaill, Comet Pursuivant.

Their Excellencies welcomed all to event who had attended and enjoyed the classes and activities of the day.

Their Excellencies Invited Hara Shonagon Kikumatsu to come forward and thank all of her staff, teachers, judges, marshals, and cooks for the day.

The Baronial Equestrian Champ Lord Yarden of Debatable Lands was called forth. Yarden had run a challenge to determine the next Baronial Equestrian Champion and Lady Jacklyn of the Debatable Lands proved the winner with the Highest score. Their Excellencies invested Lady Jacklyn with the regalia of the Champion, and presented her with a scroll by the hands of THLady Gesa von Wellenstein.

Their Excellencies also noted that Sarah had met Gesa the week before and brought her horse to the event to compete in her first ever SCA equestrian competition, and had performed admirably in that competition. For this They gave her a token as They hoped to see much more of her.

Duke Thomas Byron of Haverford has awarded an Iron Comet for his skills in the heavy Weapons Arena, displaying his prowess, and hosting practices to help others succeed. He has also been known to show his skills with crossbow, rapier and throwing axe. Scroll by Master Alaric MacConnal and THLady Rachel Dalicieux.

Duchess Ariella of Thornbury was awarded an Iron Comet for her skills in Heavy weapons prowess, hosting practices to help others succeed, while finding time to fence and shoot her bow. Matching Scroll by Master Alaric MacConnal and THLady Rachel Dalicieux.

THLord Robert pour Maintenant was awarded a Gold Comet for his service at events, most recently at our 12th Night Celebration, he went and procured curtains after we arrived at site to discover that the site had removed all the doors between rooms, and could not exercise our safety plan. Scroll by THLady Gesa von Wellenstein.

Their Excellencies were pleased to call forward Kit of the Middle and award her a Comettus Amicus. Though Kit is a resident of the Middle Kingdom, she is very enthusiastic and helpful member of the Barony Camp at Pennsic. She has taught classes on fire making and campfire cooking, served as retainer, and is developing her applique skills as she contributes to the Baronial Cloak project. Scroll by Lady Rose O’Tierrany.

Their Excellencies also called forth Jay of the Middle, though he be quieter than his Lady, Their Excellencies awarded him a Comettus Amicus. He resides in the Middle Kingdom, but yet is a very helpful member of the Barony Camp at Pennsic, assisted with set up and tear downs, always happy to help another carry their load, even adding his stitches to the Baronial Cloaks to assist. Scroll by Mistress Shirin of Susa.

Ishiyama Shonagon Gen'tarou Yori'ie was called forth and awarded a Silver Comet for his generous use of his skills at making banners, kumihimo cords, garb, event ambience, service as judge, and forming the woodworkers guild. Scroll by Lady Morikawa Rei.

Lord Patrokles Athenaios was awarded a Silver Comet for his skills in researching a recreating Homeric greek poetry, composing tales and praise in the historical style. Scroll by THLord Sasson della Sancta Victoria.

Lord Dagon Wrathmonger was awarded an Iron Comet for his skills prowess and joy that be brings to the heavy fighting fields. Scroll by Master Christofano Vecchione.

Their Excellencies thanked the scribes who contributed to the grandeur of the court.

They wished all safe travels, and reminded all that the deadline to preregister for Pennsic swiftly approaches.

Court Closed.

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