Court Report for Debatable Lands Heavy Weapons Championship
July 16, AS LXVIII (2023)

The Report of the Court of Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron et Baroness of the Debatbale Lands, held at the Baronial Heavy Weapons Championships at the Social Meeting held on July 16, anno societatis 58.

Their Excellencies called forth Their Heavy Weapons Champion, Master William de Montegilt, and thanked him for his service over the past year, and asked him to pass the regalia of the Heavy Weapons Champion to Lord Dagon Wrathmonger. Their Excellencies asked Lord Dagon Wrathmonger to stand as Their Champion and Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora to stand as his second. Scroll limned by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, scrivened by THLady Ceindrech ferch Elidir.

Their Excellencies further called for Lord Patrokles Athenaios and presented him with his scroll and token from his Silver Comet that was award at Iris Festival. Scroll by Lord Sasson de Sancta Vittoria upon a text by Master Alaric MacConnal and THLord Darian Vallski.

Court Closed

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