Court Report for Debatable Lands Archery Championship
July 23, AS LXVIII (2023)

The report of the Court of Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron et Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, held at Archery Practice on the 23rd day of July anno societatis 58

Their Excellencies called forth Their Archery Champion, Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure. They thanked her for her service over the past year, and she added one of her arrows to the Champion's Quiver as she prepared to pass the Champions regalia to Lord Ronan O'Conaill to stand as the new Archery Champion for the Debatable Lands. Their Excellencies further requested that THLord Godzmir the Golden stand as his second. Scroll by THLady Ceindrech verch Elidir.

Their Excellencies also requested the presence of Duke Thomas Byron of Haverford and Duchess Ariella of Thornbury. Their Excellencies noted that neither had ever been recognized with a local fighting award, and they sought to rectify this situation by presenting them each with the Iron Comets that had been bestowed upon them at Iris Festival earlier that year. Matching scrolls by THLady Rachel dalicieux and Master Alaric MacConnal.

Court Closed

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