Court Report Martial Championships
July 24, AS 57 (2022)

Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, held at the Tournaments for Martial Champions on the 24th day of July anno societatis 57, Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile, reporting herald, with the assistance of Lord Ronan O’Conaill and Drotinn jorundr hinn rotinn.

Their Excellencies thanked Her Ladyship Katheryn Tantzel for her service and skill with which she supported the Barony over the last 3 years as Archery Champion and called forth Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure and appointed her as the Baronial Archery Champion. They further invited Baron Edward Harbinger to stand as her second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Lord Duncan Mac Coulagh was called forth and thanked for his service as Thrown Weapons Champion, and after a very close tournament, Their Excellencies invited THLord Meinolf Grimsson to stand as the new Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion. Their Excellencies further invited THLord Kamugaya Kentarou Masamoto to stand as the second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Court Suspended.

Drotinn jorundr hinn rotinn was invite to come forth and thanked for his many years as Baronial Fencing Champion. Drotin jorundr then called forth Don Cyrus Auger to recognize him as the victor of the tournament, Their Excellencies invested him as Their Champion, and invited Mistress Irene von Schmetterling to stand as the second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Their Excellencies finally invited Sir Bors of Rouen to come forth as Their Heavy Weapons Champion, and They thanked him for his skills and service to the Barony over the past years. Master William de Montegilt was then called forth and invested as the new Heavy Weapons Champion of the Barony. Their Excellencies then asked Daniel Dunn Levy to stand as his second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Brandubh et Hilderun then thanked all of the Marshalls, Mistress of the Lists, competitors, and populace who watched for being a part of the tournaments that day and invited all to enjoy the Martial competitions at Pennsic and to come cheer Their Champions at the 7 Pearls Interbaronial Champions Event.

Court Closed.

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