Court Report for BMDL Twelfth Night
January 18, AS LIV (2020)

Here begins the court report of Their Excellencies, Brandubh and Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, at Twelfthnight, held January 18, AS 54. Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant; * second.

Their Excellencies welcomed one and all and hoped everyone was having a good time

Their Excellencies asked the autocrats, Lady Kathryn Tantzel and Lady Melodia Beaupel, to come forward and recognize the staff that helped make today's event a success.

Their Excellencies then asked Lady Alysoun of the Debatable Lands to come forward with results of the brewing tasting competition. THL Ceindrich verch Elidir was recognized as the winner.

As it was a day for two baronial championships, Their Excellencies asked their outgoing A&S champ, Aurielea Argentia Prima, to come forward and speak of the entries. The new A&S champion was recognized as THL Rachel Daliceaux, with Mistress Irena von Schmetterling to be her second. Prize scroll illumination by Alaric MacConnell, calligraphy by Rachel Daliceaux.

Next Their Excellencies called their outgoing bardic champ, Lady Beatrix of Anglesey, to come forward and speak of the entrants. The new bardic champion was recognized as Master William de Montegilt, with Lord Reinhardt Regenbogen to be his second. Prize scroll illumination by Alaric MacConnell, calligraphy by Rachel Daliceaux.

Their Excellencies were very excited to have Master Urho Waltterinen come forward with results of the ever popular cookie competition. His Excellency's choice was Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope. Her Excellency's choice was THL Alime bint Yorgi. The populace's choice, as well as every other category, was won by Lady Tierrany Rose Orre.

Their Excellencies called forward THL Sumayya al Ghaziyah so that she may be given the Keystone scroll that was awarded to her at a previous Kingdom court.

Next Their Excellencies brought Don Jorundr inn Rotin forward so that he may take Lady Dorothea Stark Shultz as a cadet.

The presence of Lady Kathryn Tantzel was requested by Their Excellencies. For her service as captain of the archers and as an autocrat she was awarded a gold comet. Scroll by Arianna of Wynthrope.

Their Excellencies were reminded of another competition almost looked over- fish slapping! Mistress Constance Glyn Dwr was invited to regale the populace with all the fish slapping that happened, and recognize Kathryn Tantzel and Jasmine of the Debatable Lands as the winners.

Their Excellencies wished to see Noble Will Martin before them. Their work in the kitchens of the BMDL and their help at the Seven Pearls Banquet was seen as exemplary, and was awarded a Cometus Amicus. Illumination by Owen Tegg, calligraphy by Ceindrich verch Elidir.

Their Excellencies invited Lady Tierrany Rose Orre to join them in court. Her skills in calligraphy and illumination have been nothing short of stunning, and she has provided much largess for the BMDL, so she was awarded a silver comet. Scroll by Lady Gesa Wellenstein.

Their Excellencies next called Lady Eilionora inghen an Bhaird forward. She has been seen providing much service as retainer, working in kitchens, and being deputy A&S minister, so she was awarded a gold comet. Scroll by Tierrany Rose Orre.

Their Excellencies wished all scribes who contributed words, calligraphy, and/or illumination to scrolls that were awarded to come forward, be recognized, and receive a token of appreciation.

There being no further business, this court of Their Excellencies was closed.

The Supplemental Report of the Court of Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, Later in the Evening at Baronial Twelfth Night Celebration, 18th day of January anno societatis 54.

Their Excellencies, finding that Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh had arrived at the event, awarded her a Gold Comet for her works teaching and mentoring the scribes of the Barony and producing wonderful scrolls for the courts. Scroll by the hand of Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Court Closed.

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