Court Report for BMDL Twelfth Night
January 12, AS LIII (2019)

The Court of Their Excellencies, Brandubh and Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands at BMDL Twelfthnight, on January 12, AS 53. Court heralded by Kieran MacRae, seconded by Ronan O'Connall.

Their Excellencies welcomed all in attendance. With sadness, they asked for a moment of silence for those lives lost in the past month: Lady Amanda of Kirkby Lonsdale, Lord Ruben MacUrsus, and Jamie MacMichael.

Their Excellencies love cookies! And They especially love the cookie competition! Of the many yummy entries, a three-way tie for first was revealed! The cookies of Arthes, Code, and Xavier all captured the interest of many gentles, but in the end, it was the cookies of Code that prevailed. Other categories and their victors included:
-Baron's choice,
-Baroness' choice,
-Populace choice

Their Excellencies also sponsored an A&S display, from which They chose their new A&S Champion. This was announced as specifically *not* a competition. Mistress Friedeburg was called forward and thanked for her service as previous champion, after which Their Excellencies called forward Aurelia Argentia Prima and announced her champion for her coin mold carving. Scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope. Their Excellencies chose THL Rachel Caliceaux as her second.

THL Marjorie of Kent was invited into court so Their Excellencies could speak of her service to the BMDL camp at Pennsic, and awarded her a gold comet. Illumination by THL Edana the Red, calligraphy by THL Rachel Daliceaux.

Lady Ranka Alfrun and Lady Kathryn were given time in court to give gifts to Lord Godfrey de Bayeaux, captain of the archers.

Their Excellencies had the scrolls of silver comets for Cael O'Conail and Gardner of Elygh to be read into court. Both scrolls by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Their Excellencies held their bardic competition this day, and among many talented entrants, Lady Beatrix of Anglsey was selected as the new champion. Scroll by Lady Alysoun of the Debatable Lands, and text sung by the Debatable Choir. Baroness Gwendolyn the Graceful was chosen as her second. Mistress Arianna was invited in court and thanked for her service as previous Bardic champion.

Their Excellencies then called for Lady Dorothea Stark Schutze to come around from behind the dias and be recognized for her deadly skill with knife and axe, and was rightly awarded an iron comet. Illumination by Mistress Luceta di Cosimo, calligraphy by Lady Ceindrick verch Elidir.

A children's quest was had this day, and Their Excellencies wished the organizers, Lady Ranka Alfrun and Lady Jasmine of Clan Tarn to announce the winners. Fox, Carl, and Robbie were congratulated for completing the quest.

Their Excellencies requested the presence of Lady Muirgeal inghean Dubhghaill for the purpose of extolling her service as regional seneschale, and awarded her a gold comet for it. Illumination by Lord Owen Tegg, calligraphy by Lady Ceindrich verch Elidir.

The autocrats for the day's event, Lady Kathryn Tantzel and THL Elss of Ausberg, were called forward to thank their staff for putting together such a wonderful event.

Lady Alysoun of the Debatable Lands was invited to come before Their Excellencies to present a birthday present for His Excellency from the Brewer's Guild- a growler of gluten free beer!

Their Excellencies called Gesa von Wellenstein before them to thank her for bringing the majestic horses to the event, and people to sit atop them (including Her brave Excellency) and have their pictures taken.

Their Excellencies wished to thank the scribes and wordsmiths who contributed to all the scrolls that were given out this day. Tokens were given to each of them.

Their Excellencies asked for everyone whose birthday was that week to stand, and invited the rest of the populace to sing Happy Birthday in recognition. However, since it was His Excellency's birthday, Her Excellency asked the populace to sing a more ....special version of the song.

Finally, Their Excellencies implored all present to drive carefully down the hill, which was covered in snow.

There being no further business, the court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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