Court Report for Investiture of Brandubh and Hilderun
First Court of Brandubh and Hilderun
February 13, AS L (2016)

Here begins the report of the First Court of Brandubh and Hilderun at Their Investiture 13 February AS L, Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Comet Pursuivant, reporting.

With a "Hello Debatable Lands!" Brandubh and Hilderun thanked all who attended and made this special day that much more special.

Their Excellencies called before Them Their Excellencies Baron Uilliam mac an'Tsoir and Baroness Constance Gln Dwr. Their Excellences spoke of the long service Uilliam and Constance have given the Barony, both while they wore the Baronial Coronets and by serving as officers and event staff. For this Their Excellencies awarded them Gold Comets. Combined scroll calligraphed by Kieran MacRae and illuminated by Odiana vander Brugghe.

While Uilliam and Constance remained, THeir Excellencies recalled THL Kieran MacRae and delivered his scroll for his Gold Comet to him in person.

Their Excellencies invited Hara-roku-i Kikumatsu to speak of the competition to determine her successor held this day, which boasted 16 entries. The populace choice was Duchess Siobhan inghean ui Liathain, for which her prize was a kumihimo cord. Their Excellencies further asked her to stand as Their Champion's second should they not be able to serve.

Their Excellencies then summoned before Them THL Kieran MacRae, whose calligraphy and the documentation he provided was truly magnificent. Their Excellencies invested him with the regalia of Their A&S Champion and the scroll commemorating this fact. Scroll illuminated by Raven Whiteheart with calligraphy by Sophie Davenport.

Their Excellencies bade all the entrants in the A&S Comeption rise and be recognized. They then commended the artisans of the Barony to Their Majesties.

Their Excellencies called Baroness Betha Symonds of Bedford before Them. Betha makes fantastic wire woven items and is skilled with fiber arts. For this Their Excellencies awarded her a Silver Comet. Scroll illuminated by Raven Whiteheart with calligraphy by Istvan Bwrkos.

Their Excellencies summoned Lady Aisling Ngleanntan from the kitchens. Aisling is a skilled leatherworker and makes fine early period garb. For this Their Excellencies awarded her a Silver Comet. Scroll calligraphed by Kameshima Zentarou Umakai.

Their Excellencies called Mistress Ts'vee'a bas Tseepora Levi, Hrefna inn Hepna fruthikona, and Lady Rivka bat Daniyel to attend Them. These ladies had designed and created the garb Their Excellencies wore this day, and Their Excellencies recognized them with tokens.

Their Excellencies next called before Them Ii Genesii. Ii Genesii wished to recognise one of Their retired members, Lord Charles de Cayeaux. They further wished to let it be known that they would be retiring the name Virgino for his sole usage in perpetuity. Scroll commemorating this to be forthcoming.

Their Excellencies next had words for Master Donnan MacDubhsidhe. Donnan has long been known to tread many lands in his pursuit of fencing and to help others improve their fencing. Donnan also served as Marshal in Charge of Fencing at War Practice for 7 years. For this Their Excellencies awarded Donnan a Cometus Amicus. Scroll illuminated by Alaric MacConnal with calligraphy by Sophie Davenport.

Their Excellencies called before Them all those members of The Order of Chivalry and the Order of Defense who live in The Debatable Lands. Their Excellencies challenged these gentles to advise Them on matters martial as neither of Them participate in these forms as yet. Those assembled did so assent that they would.

Their Excellencies bade all the Debatable Lands fighters, fencers and youth fighters to stand. They commended the baronial forces to Their Majesties. and invited all who do not have a unit of their own to fight alongside the Baronial units at Pennsic.

Their Excellencies summoned Sir Maghnus an Chnoic n'Iora to appear before Them. Maghnus is a mighty supporter of siege weaponry in the Barony, and in the Kingdom. He has helped train our units so that all who oppose the Baronial might shall litter the field, which pleases Their Excellencies, so They awarded him an Iron Comet. Scroll in progress.

Their Excellencies bade the archers, throwers and siege engineers of the barony rise. Their Excellencies presented Them to Their Majesties and bade all to participate in the war points at Pennsic.

Their Excellencies called before Them Connal MacAodh. Connal has attained the rank of Archer, he further represented the barony as an alternate during the 7 Pearls Archery Tournament, and won another tournament of the day at Agincourt. Their Excellencies are pleased to recognize this kind of behavior and so awarded Connal an Iron Comet. Scroll by Arianna of Wynthrope.

Their Excellencies invited the Provosts of the Ęthelmearc Academy of Defense to attend Them and gave them permission to address the populace. Master William Paris spoke of the purpose of the Academy, which is to provide a structure to support fencers as they endeavor to increase their skills and knowledge of period technique. This day one among the members is to be recognized as having attained a certain level of skill and would be becoming a Free Scholar with Don Corwin Montgomery as sponsor. Sir Kadan Chakilgan Ger on Echen was called before Their Excellencies and had his white striped red scarf exchanged for a white striped yellow scarf.

THL Isabel Fleuretan the autocrat was called before Their Excellencies and given permission to address the populace. She first wished to thank all the attendees for making the day a success. She wished to thank her many staff for everything they did to make the event happen. She went on to announce the winners in the days very successful auction and thank all who donated items to it.

Their Excellencies next bade all today's staff to rise along with all those who assisted Them with preparations for this day and those who retained this day. Their Excellencies commended those who serve and offered them to Their Majesties as but a small portion of those who work to make the SCA what it is.

Their Excellencies next bade the Order of Copernicus to attend Them. Their Excellencies spoke of how when They were nominated They began thinking of who They would recognize with this honor. One name came to Their minds, and Their Excellencies would recognize Countess Aidan ni Lier whose tragic passing has lessened our Barony and the entire Kingdom. Thus Their Excellencies added Aidan's name to the roster of the Order of Copernicus.

Their Excellencies wished to further recognize and remember Countess Aidan by offering tokens to all the scribes who created scrolls for Their Courts, and began doing so with the scribes from this, Their First Court.

Their Excellencies thanked everybody who came today for making this such a lovely day for Them.

Court closed.

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