Court Report for Debatable Lands Twelfth Night
January 23, AS L (2016)

Here opened the Court of Baron Uillam mac an t'Saoir and Baroness Constance Glyn Dwr of the Debatable Lands at BMDL Twelfth Night, 23 January AS XL, Takamatsu-san Gentarou Yoshitaka reporting herald.

The good children Paige and Owen were called before Their Excellencies to thank them for creating a comet rug and donation box for the event.

The mighty O'No Kuma was called from his post guarding Their Excellencies to discuss the merits of his service and to award him a Gold Comet for such.

Master Alaric MacConnall was called next to discuss the petition to the throne for Baronial succession and remind the populace to sign it.

Alistair and Arthis MacLeod were next called before the seat of the Barony to answer for service and were sent back among the populace once again as a pair of members of the Order of the Gold comet.

Their Excellencies next discussed the brewing competition held this day and brought forth before them the champion chosen by the populace, as well as Their Excellencies and the Heirs to the Barony, the unanimous champion was Master Bovi farmaðr.

The next order of business was to announce the Baronial Bardic Champion, and of three entrants THL Bugga Bilibit was victorious.

The Autocrat for the event, Lord Hrafna-Erlender inn Rauthi was called to address the populace and commended for a job well done in organizing the celebration. Erlender went on to thank all who had helped him make the day a success.

Master William De Montegilt was summoned forward and soon after were called all members of the Order of Copernicus to welcome him as newly one of them.

Mistress Hilderun Hügelmann was granted leave to address the populace to remind them to prepare for the Baronial investiture A&S competition.

Lady Elizabeth Arrowsmyth was called upon and reported the Auction of Desirable Goods was a great success.

The last announcement came from THL Isabel Fleuretan to remind everyone that Baronial Investiture looms near, complete with a raffle, as well as a feast and dayboard of smoked and cured meats.

Here Closes the Court of Their Excellencies.

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