Court Report for King's Crossing Birthday B(r)all
November 7, AS L (2015)

Here begins the report of the court of Uilliam Baron of the Debatable Lands, in the Shire of King's Crossing at their Birthday B(r)all, 7 November AS L, Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Comet Pursuivant, reporting.

His Excellency spoke of how much the reunification of King's Crossing with it's parent the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands pleased Him, and how the Comet looked particularly lovely in its location over the King's Crossing Banner.

Jodacus van de Kloof had some thanks for his staff as autocrat. He further wished to acknowledge the victors in the day's tournaments.

The winner of Creador's cooking competition was Josyefne Ra'hel Nagy.

The winner of the fencing tournament was THLord Sionn the Lost.

The fighters of King's Crossing and its allies were technically victorious over the BMDL invading force, however His Excellency chooses to interpret this as the true victory of the prowess of the fighters of King's Crossing and its allies as they join the Baronial forces once again that all might strive for true glory together. In plain speech He ignores the results.

Master Creador Twynedragon wished to make a brief presentation to show his joy in the unification of King's Crossing with the BMDL. Thus with some assistance he relocated the King's Crossing banner in front of His Excellency, thus blocking the populace's view of the Debatable Lands glory.

Master Creador Twynedragon has done so much that His Excellency wished to have further words with him. Creador has done much to assist the Barony at events, and in kitchens. for this His Excellency wished to mark Creador as the true son of the Barony that he is and so awarded him a Green Comet. Scroll to be forthcoming.

His Excellency received a missive from his Lady Wife, Baroness Constance, that we was to return King's Crossing to whence it came as she does not wish its ownership. Thus Uilliam returned King's Crossing to it's people.

Court Closed.

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