Court Report for Steltonwald Twelfth Night
January 25, AS XLVIII (2014)

Here contained is the report of the court of Uilliam and Constance, baron and baroness of the Debatable Lands, at Steltonwald Twelfth Night 25 January AS 48, Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Comet Pursuivant, reporting herald.

Their Excellencies wished to thank those gathered for this celebration, and to wish them well.

Lady Teresa Alvarez was invited into Their Excellencies' court as she wished to address the populace as autocrat. She wished all present to eat drink and be merry. Their Excellencies had further business with Teresa however. They had noticed that Teresa had been busy in the Canton of Steltonwald. She had served as autocrat, tollner and chatelaine. This is the kind of action that pleases Their Excellencies, and so They were moved to award her a Gold Comet. Scroll Calligraphed by Rachel Dalicieux with illumination by Alaric MacConnal.

Their Excellencies next called Maestro Jacopo di Niccollo to attend Them. Jocopo has long been a supporter of the barony and the canton. He has trained archery marshals, run archery practices, autocrated events, and helped fill in the blanks wherever they were found. This pleased Their Excellencies so They were moved to induct him into Their Order of Copernicus. The scroll is by Countess Aidan ni Leir.

Their Excellencies wished all to have a good time with the rest of Their evening.

Court closed.

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