Court Report for Debatable Lands 40th Birthday Celebration
July 19 AS XLVIX (2014)

Here begins the report of the court of Uilliam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, at the Debatable Lands 40th Birthday Celebration, in the Canton of Steltonwald, July 19 AS 49. Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Comet Pursuivant, reporting herald.

Morning Court.

Their Excellencies were joined by the procession of the baronial lineage.

Their Excellencies wished that everyone attending seek out some of the former occupants of the Comet Thrones and learn about some of the rich history of the barony. They further expressed how fantastic it is to be a part of 40 years of history, and wished all have a grand day.

Court Suspended.

Evening Court.

Their Excellencies wished all who had ever severed the barony as an officer or other position to stand and be recognized, seeing the large number of people standing They were greatly pleased.

Their Excellencies further wished that all who had served as more than one officer or position of the barony stand and be recognized, this number of people pleased Them as well.

They wished that all those who had served the kingdom as an officer or position to stand and be recognized. The number of people here too pleased Their Excellencies greatly.

Their Excellencies wished to recognize those members of the barony who were members of the Peerage Orders to stand and be recognized. So they invited the Order of the Chivalry to stand. Then They asked the Order of the Laurel to stand. Finally They asked the Order of the Pelican to stand. The number of peers of the barony pleased Them greatly for only the grandest of baronies could boast so many peers among its populace.

Their Excellencies invited Sir Graedwyn mab Tiernon, the day's heavy marshal to talk about the tournament he ran. Though the turnout was low the fighters showed great spirit and fought in a round robin where each fighter fought every other with every weapons form. Between the 5 fighters involved they had a combined 157 years of heavy weapons experience. The winner of the tournament was Sir Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono. Graedwyn wished to recognize the spirit and dedication of Master William de Montegilt who came back from an injury and fought this day.

Their Excellencies wished to have the presence of Lord Markus Skalpr Grimsson, the fencing marshal. Markus also ran a tournament this day. There were 9 fencers who fought in a round robin to seed rankings in a grand pair paranoia, His Highness Titus volunteered to fight alone so that the other fencers could fight in pairs. The tournament was supposed to have a pair as the victors, however the victorious team of THL Gabrielle de Winter and Lord David Chadwyck had only one walk off the field, as Gabby performed a summary execution of David after he broke their alliance with His Highness and brutally slew Him without notice.

Their Excellencies saw one in the audience who they often see in Their lands. THL Aibell Shulaine was called before Them. Though Shulaine does not live in the barony she is often seen within these lands working and teaching as an MOL and herald, and in many other ways. For this it pleased Their Excellencies to name he to the rolls of Their Order of the Green Comet. With a scroll illuminated by Odiana vander Brugghe and calligraphy by Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies invited the emissary of the Tuchux to Their court. In the ancient pasts at the beginning of the Debatable Land the Tuchux were given a token to ensure the good will between our two great peoples would be eternal, and that the Tuchux would allow the barony to lease lands from them. The Tuchux would extend this lease for another 40 years, and so the Tuchux bestowed upon Their Excellencies with the scepter of the peace. Before the emissary left Their excellencies had further business with the Tuchux. Over the many years, even when the Tuchux are fighting on the other side of the great Pennsic War or in other battles, there exists a great friendship between them and the barony, for this Their Excellencies wished to induct them into the Order of the Green Comet. The scroll was the work of Kieran MacRae upon words by Alaric MacConnal.

Before the Tuchux' emissary left Their Excellencies had business with him personally. Locryn of the Tuchux is often seen around the kingdom and the barony serving as a marshal and lending a hand whenever one is needed. As Their Excellencies have a way to recognize such deeds it pleased Them to do so, thus They added Locryn to Their Order of the Gold Comet. The scroll was illuminated by Isabel Fleurtan with calligraphy by Kameshima Zentarou Umakai.

Duke Eliahu be Itzahak and Master Will Langdon of Greymorne were invited to Their Excellencies' court as they had a presentation to make. Eliahu had seen the great passion and drive that the fighters of the barony. He noticed, however, that they lacked certain important pieces of equipment. Thus with the help of Langdon, who created a most efficacious machine for the bending of wood, he made four shields, one for each decade, for the baron to distribute where they will do the most good for the baronial unit.

THL Elss of Augsburg, the thrown weapons marshal who also ran a tournament this day was invited before Their Excellencies to announce the results. There were 7 throwers who competed throwing 16 times at four different targets. The tournament ended with a tie between Erlandr hinn Raudi and Andros Duran.

It had come to Their Excellencies that one of Their subjects who has been in and out of the barony quite frequently has been committing horrible acts in Their lands. Meister Emrys Eustace, heigt Broom has been known to repeat the words of officers and scatter them to the ether as a webminister. He has been known to foster the arts and teach or run A&S competitions. He has even been known to help with the running of events. It seemed good to Their Excellencies to curtail such behavior as soon as possible so that it doesn't get out of hand, so They inducted Broom into Their Order of the Gold Comet. The scroll is the work of Aidan n Lier.

This plague of generally helpful activities seems to have spread. Their Excellencies noticed that Lady Kathrine Sinclair has also been know to be of assistance to the barony and the kingdom. She serves as a MOL in all weather, and her service is deemed to be a good thing. For this Their Excellencies inducted her into Their Order of the Gold Comet. The scroll by the hands of Rachel Daliceux with words by Alaric MacConnal.

Their Excellencies would be attended by The Debatable Choir. Their Excellencies spoke of the arts embodied by these people, which They and Their predecessors have recognized. On this note His Highness Titus called for a song, after some deliberation the choir responded with "Happy Birthday dear Debatable Lands". Their Excellencies then spoke of the service of the Choir, for they are ever ready to sing a processional for court. This has not gone unappreciated by Their Excellencies, and so They inducted the choir in Their Order of the Gold Comet. The scroll is calligraphed by Kieran MacRae upon illumination by Alaric MacConnal. Their Pennsic concert will be at 7:30 PM om Monday August 4 in the Performing Arts Pavilion.

Their Excellencies summoned Their Order of Copernicus to attend Them. It was mentioned that unfortunately there had been a blizzard during Steltonwald Twelfth Night when Jacopo di Niccolo was inducted into this order, and so his scroll had not made it to the event. He was united with his scroll which was a work by Aidan ni Lier.

Their Excellencies had further business with Their Order of Copernicus. They told of how They wish to usually recognize only one new member each year at Twelfth Night, however it seemed good to Them that a member be made this day at the Debatable Lands 40th Birthday Party. So They talked of one who had been instrumental in the early formation of the barony, who has served as autocrat, fencing marshal, youth fencing marshal and other positions as needed. Thus They called Mistress Irene von Schmetterling to attend Them so that They could induct her as the newest member of the Order of Copernicus. The scroll is the work of Gianna di Aurelio.

Their Excellencies wished to invite the autocrats of the event to attend Them, THL Muirgheal inghean Dubhghaill and Lady Isabel Fleurtan. They wished to thank all their staff who came and made this event happen. They also wished to thank all the populace for attending the event and making it successful. They further wished to thank Their Highnesses for attending this day as well, and gracing it with Their presence and that dash of class.

Their Excellencies summoned all who had a hand in creating the scrolls for court this day attend Them and receive a token from Their Signet Odriana to thank Them for all Their work.

Their Excellencies wished that everybody had a good day. They wished to thank Mistess Ts'vee'a bas Tseepora Levi for creating the wonderful history display. They expressed how much of an honor it is to be a part of 40 years of history. His Excellency thanked everybody for joining him on this fine Scottish day where he felt quite at home.

Court Closed.

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