Court Report for Barony Birthday
May 26, AS XLVII (2012)

Here begins the record of the Court of their Excellencies Liam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of these Debatable Lands, on May 26th, Anno Societatis 47, at the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands Barony Birthday Celebration, Lord Pavel Dudoladov reporting herald.

Their Excellencies requested grievances from Their officers, in the tradition of Their ancestors. Baron Ogami Arashimoto no Shirou, Their Knight Marshall, stepped forward and noted with great force how his people had been ignored in this land. Their Excellencies considered this and agreed, they therefore called forward Lord Ishiyama Gen’tarou Yori’ie and Lady Hara of the Debatable Lands. They spoke of his great knowledge and skill with braiding and her continuing service to the Barony and thus did award him a Blue and Silver Comet and her a Gold comet, presenting both with scrolls by Lady Isabel and THL Kameshima.

Then the presence of Mistress Ts’vee’a bas Tseepora Levi was requested. Their Excellencies spoke of her service to the Barony including helping many with garb. Thus they awarded her a Gold Comet with a scroll by THL Odrianna van Brugghe.

The Household of Stormhaven was invited forth by their Excellencies. Their Excellencies spoke of their frequent appearances at baronial events and their service at such. These acts of friendship were to be acknowledged and reciprocated by the awarding of the Green Comet with a scroll by THL Keiran MacRae.

THL Charles de Cayeux was then called forward, he proceeded to thank all those who had challenged him that afternoon in his role as Baronial Fencing Champion.

Their Excellencies then called forward Elsa Taliard. They thanked for her service to the barony notably always lending a hand where needed at events and awarded her a gold comet with a scroll by Hrefna fruiþkona Þorgrímsdóttir.

Next Baron Will Langdon of Greymorne was requested. Their Excellencies remarked upon the Arts and Sciences competition he had run that day and its many fine entries. They called up its winner Meisteren Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen remarking on her marvelous skill.

Lord Jorundr hinn Rotinn was invited forth by their Excellencies. Their Excellencies spoke of his skill as a cheesemaker and cook and thanked him for the food he has provided to the Barony and for this made him a member of the order of the Comet Blue-Silver, presenting him with a scroll by Countess Aiden ni Leir.

Baron Ogami Arashimoto no Shirou was summoned forth to remark on the three-man sponsored tourney of the day. He congratulated the winners, Team Ts'vee'a (consisting of Sir Isenwolf, Sir Koredono, and Baroness Ariella), and noted the chivalric participation of Team Robert, which consisted of only two members (Sir Ariell and THL Ariadne).

Their Excellencies then called forth Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba. They spoke kind words of her friendship with the Barony and inducted her into the order of the Green Comet, presenting her with a scroll by Fa Ren Zhang Ming Li.

The presence of Lady Anna Leigh was then requested. Their Excellencies commended her on her great work as Baronial Chatelaine and for this did they induct her into the order of the Gold Comet, presenting her with a scroll by Fa Ren Zhang Ming Li.

Finally, their Excellencies called Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope forward. She spoke of the Youth Tourney which was held that day and of the valor of those youths who did brave the heat of the day to fight in it. It's victor Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill was called forth and congratulated by Their Excellencies and the populace.

There being no further business the Court of Their Excellencies, Liam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands was closed.

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