Court Report for Pennsic War
August 7, AS XLVI (2011)

Here begins the record of the court of their Excellencies Byron and Ariella, Baron and Baroness of these Debatable Lands, on August 7th, Anno Societatis 46, at the Great Pennsic War, Lord Pavel Dudoladov reporting herald.

Lady Sarab bint Alima was invited forth by their Excellencies. They remarked upon her unceasing service to the Barony and thus inducted her into the Order of the Gold Comet.

Their Excellencies then called forward Lady Ruaidrí Mac Aoidh. They recalled her countless hours of service to the Barony and therefore announced her induction into the Order of the Comet Or.

The presence of Duke Henri d’Artois was then requested, their excellencies remarked on his skill on the field and his willingness to share his knowledge and thus inducted him into the Order of the Comet Gules.

Their Excellencies next called forth Master Will Langdon of Greymorne and praised his efforts for the people of the barony, providing space in his home for armoring, and offering his skills to all those who would seek them in response to his efforts, they inducted him into the Order of the Comet Azure-Argent.

Master Alastar Scott MacCrummin was next called to their Excellencies presence, where his skill and abundance of service to the Barony as a cook was described; in recognition of this service did they induct him into the Order of the Comet Or.

Finally, Lord Lothar Hugelman was summoned, and Their Excellencies recalled his almost constant presence in this Barony, in which he does not reside, and his willingness to lend a hand whenever he is present; therefore they inducted him into the Order of the Comet Vert, naming him a friend of the Barony.

Their Excellencies then proceeded to thank Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope and THLord Urho Waltterinen for their work in preparing the Baronial Reception and instructed the populace to eat more of the delicious chicken and bread.

There being no further business the court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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