Court Report for Agincourt
October 22, AS XLVI (2011)

Here begins the record of the court of their Excellencies Liam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of these Debatable Lands, on October 22nd, Anno Societatis 46, at the annual Battle of Agincourt, Lord Pavel Dudoladov reporting herald.

Their Excellencies opened Their court on the field.

First, the presence of THL Keiran MacRae was requested. His marked improvement on the heavy weapons field was commented upon and thus he was inducted into the order of the Red Comet, being presented with a scroll by Odriana vander Brugghe commemorating this.

Next their Excellencies called Black Jack the Red and his father Black Jo forward. They spoke of Black Jack's fighting prowess, his work on armoring, and his willingness to share his knowledge with others; he therefore was inducted into the order Purple Comet and given a scroll, calligraphed by Alaric MacConnal and illuminated by Keiran MacRae, honoring the event. They then Spoke of Black Jo's skill on the heavy field and his work on armoring for himself and his son, in light of these deeds Their Excellencies made him a member of the Order of the Red Comet, presenting him with a scroll by Lady Isabel Fleuretan, words by Kameshima.

The court was then suspended.

Their Excellencies then resumed their court at the leave of Their Majesties.

Baron Thomas Byron of Haverford was invited forth by their Excellencies. It was announced that he had won the Baronial Champion Heavy Fighting Tourney that day and would be the next Baronial Champion. Their Excellencies congratulated him on his skill presenting him with a scroll by Odriana vander Brugghe. The current Baronial Champion Sir Kadan was called forth and the transfer of regalia took place. Both were thanked for the service to the Barony.

Their Excellencies then called forward Lady Elss of Augsburg. They spoke of her skill with thrown weapons and her devotion to the thrown weapons program in the Barony running practices and teaching new comers. In recognition of this they inducted her into the order of the Red Comet, presenting her with a scroll calligraphed by Kameshima and illuminated by Odriana vander Brugghe.

Next Eimhin mac Ultain was requested. Their Excellencies remarked upon his constant service at events and their kitchens, improving the Barony; therefore they made him a member of the order of the Gold Comet, honored with a scroll calligraphed by Keiran MacRae and illuminated Violante de Luna inspired by St. George and the Dragon.

Their Excellencies thanked all those who made the Agincourt event possible, especially Elss of Augsburg and Clewin Kupferhelbelinc.

There being no further business the first court of Their Excellencies, Liam and Constance, 7th Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands was closed.

In service,

Павел (Pavel)

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