Court Report for Baronial Twelfth Night
January 11, AS XLIII (2009)

Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Byron and Ariella Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, court held at Baronial Twelfth Night on the 11th day of January AS xxxxiii, Brandubh Ó Donnghaile reporting herald.

Their Excellencies invited Lady Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen to attend them and report on the pillow fight.  Lady Fredeburg invited all the entrants in the tournament to attend, and announced that Eden had proven the victor that day.

Their Excellencies bid Lady Fredeburg stay a moment longer and thanked her for her work as Autocrat of the event.  Lady Fredeburg thanked Their Excellencies and all who attended for contributing to the event's success.

Their Excellencies called for The Baroness' Bard Lord Liam Mac an Tsaoir.   They presented him with the scroll commemorating his induction into the Order of the Keystone, which Their Majesties had passed along to Their Excellencies for safe keeping.  Liam then called forward the two finalists for Baroness' bard, Lady Margretha la Fauvelle and Elizabeth Berlin.  Each sang a song and Their Excellencies thanked them and announced that they would contemplate this and announce the winner at the end of court.

Fruthikona Hrefna inn Heppna had requested an announcement that the Fabric swap was now closed, all who donated fabrics should make their final selections and then what was left would be open for any to take.

Their Excellencies called for THL Hilderun Hügelmann.  They presented her with a token of the Comet Azure-Argent as she had been unable to receive one when she had been recognized at the Last Pennsic War.

Their Excellencies summoned the Members of the Debable Consort Past and Present there assembled to attend them.  They spoke words of high praise for the Debatable Consort and awarded that group a Comet Azure-Argent.  Scroll Illuminated by Deidre O'Neill with Script by Lady Lara Sukhadrev.  Their Excellencies further noted that the group would be nothing without its members and awarded Comets Azure-Argent to THL Roana Devreux, Lord Charles de Cayeux, Lady Margretha la Fauvelle, Mistress Elsbeth Anne Roth, Lord Pavel Dudoladov, Lady Rosalia Iuliana Andere, Master Dani of the Seven Wells, Mistress She'erah bat Shlomo, Master Alaric MacConnal, and Master Remus Fletcher for all their labors of performing with the consort, for dance and for the courts of Their Excellencies and Their Majesties.

Her Excellency Ariella raised her Golden Chalice of Chivalry, as she had been charged when she received it, and toasted the virtue of Prowess.

Her Excellency, after having considered the performances of the entrants to challenge for right to be the next Baroness' Bard, invited Lady Margretha la Fauvelle to come forward and did name her Baroness' Bard, and present her with a baldric to proclaim her station as such.

Their Excellencies reminded the populace that the next barony meeting would be held at Their home, the castle in Wexford, in conjunction with fighting practice in March.

Court Closed.

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