Court Report for Archers to the Wald
September 26, AS XLIV (2009)

A record of the Court of their Excellencies Baron Thomas Byron of Haverford and Baroness Ariella of Thornberry, held at the Archers to the Wald on the 26th day of September, Anno Societatis 44, reporting herald Lord Pavel Dudoladov.

Their excellencies first requested the presence of their Baronial Youth Archery Champion Robert of the Debatable Lands and Lord Urho Waltterinen, who had run a championship shoot. A new champion had been decided, Joshua of the Debatable Lands, his presence was requested and he was presented with a scroll by Leah of the Debatable Lands and the regalia of his station.

Next their excellencies called forth their Baronial Archery Champion Giovannin di Lupo who had run a championship shoot to determine the new Champion. He stated that the championship had been won by Lord Urho Waltterinen. Their excellencies summoned Urho into their presence and congratulated him on his victory, as they oversaw the transference of the regalia.

Their excellencies requested that Lord Urho Waltterinen remain and thus for his dedicated service to the barony as Captain of Archers and conductance of archery practice was he inducted into the Order of the Gold Comet and presented with a scroll by Countess Aiden ni Leir, done in the manner of the Book of Lindisfarne.

Also on this day, the Baron conducted a Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship in the stead of the current champion Lord Giovanni Magrino. His excellency called forth the new champion Lord Robert Bakere and congratulated him on his skill on the range.

Finally the Kingdom Archery Champion, Lady Muirghein Gealbhain, was called forth and given leave to announce the outcome of the Kingdom Archery Championship shoot she had run. The victor of this shoot and the new Æthelmearc Kingdom Archery Champion was Court Baron Bataar Sogdo. Lady Muirghein transferred the regalia of the station leaving behind one of her own arrows as a record of her time in the position and Court Baron Bataar was congratulated on his victory.

There being no further business, court was closed.

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