Court Report for Agincourt
October 25, AS XLIV (2009)

A record of the court of their Excellencies Lord Thomas Byron of Haverford and Lady Ariella of Thornberry of these Debatable Lands at the Agincourt event on the 25th of October in the 44th year of the society, Lord Pavel Dudoladov reporting herald. At the leave of their Majesties Henri et Elena, Roi et Reine d'Æthelmearc, Baronial court was opened.

Their Excellencies called before them Lord Liam MacanTsaoir, they congratulated him on running another successful Agincourt. He and THLord Clewin Kupferhelbelinc proceeded to announce the winners of the days tourneys. Lord Morien MacBain was announced the winner of the heavy weapons tourney, Sir Isenwulf Thorolfssone was declared the most chivalrous. In fencing Lord Vanderkhoff was declared the winner and THLady Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen was announced as the most chivalrous. In youth combat Ian of the Debatable Lands was declared the winner and Jake of the Debatable Lands the most chivalrous.

Their Excellencies then called forward Lord Morien MacBain and awarded him a green comet for his service to the Barony.

Finally their excellencies asked forth THLady Constance Glyn Dwr and thanked her for making chocolates for the winners of all the tourneys and named her the official chocolatier of the Debatable Lands.

There being no further business Baronial Court was closed

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