Court Report for BMDL 12th Night
January 27, AS xlii (2008)

The Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Byron and Ariella, Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, Court held at the Baronial Celebration of 12th Night on the 27th Day of January as xxxxii, Brandubh O'Donnghaile Reporting Herald.

Their Excellencies invited Lady Anna Malakina forward as Autocrat for the event, Their Excellencies thanked her for running this event for the Barony, and she in turn thanked her staff and the populace for making the event so easy to run.

The Baron and Baroness invited THLord Laochlain Sylverwulf into Their Court, he spoke of an Inter Kingdom Archery Championship, and that in 2006 season of the IKAC Æthelmearc had won 1st place in all four of the divisions that they had entered, and that now he had received medallions for the team members. The 3 members of the open Crossbow Division that won were THLord Laochlain Sylverwulf, Lord Giovanni di Lupo, and THLord Brandubh O'Donnghaile. Their Excellencies called Brandubh forward and Laochlain gave him a gold medal for his efforts as part of that archery team.

Master Michael Alewright was called into the Court. Her Excellency announced that her outgoing Baroness' Bard was Lady Kazi enkazi, however she had been unable to attend the event that day, and so Master Michael ha run the competition to determine the new Baroness' Bard. Her Excellency then announced that she had chosen Lord Liam Mac an Tsaoir to represent the barony as her champion in the bardic arts, as she garbed him with the Baroness' Bard Baldric.

His Excellency called forth Lord Cai o'r Llyn. For on this day His Excellency had held a pillow fighting tournament, through a long fought final round Cai finally managed to strike a victorious blow against his opponent, the Baron's own son, and so Cai was congratulated as the victor of the tourney.

The Baron and Baroness invited Lady Catriona McKinnon into Their Court. They awarded Catriona a Comet Or for her years of continued service to the barony at troll and as a retainer. Scroll by THLady Allessandra d'Avignon.

Lady Cassandra Theodosius was called into court, she as well was awarded a Comet Or for her varied services to the barony over the years including autocrating and embroidering the comet award favors that Their Excellencies give in court. Scroll by THLady Hrefna inn heppna.

The Baron and Baroness invited THLady Roana d'Evreux into court, They had been pleased by her many services to the barony as autocrat, instrumental music guild head, scribe, retainer, and deputy seneschale, for all of these things did they award her with a Comet Or. Scroll by Lady Lara Sukhodrev.

There being no further business, this Court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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