Archers to the Wald
September 27, AS xliii (2008)

The report of the Court of Their Excellencies Byron and Ariellam Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, court held by the leave of His Majesty Christopher King of Æthelmearc at the Archers to the Wald event in the Canton of Steltonwald on the 27th day of September AS 43, THLord Brandubh O'Donnghaile reporting herald Vocal assistance by Lord Pavel Dudoladov.

Their Excellencies opened court and invited her Ladyship Gianna di Aurelio to attend them. They thanked her for all her hard work as Autocrat of the event, she in turn thanked all those who helped her accomplish the fine event that it had turned out to be, from the Cooks to the marshals, and all the other crews who helped to make the event.

His Excellency then addressed the populace, he said that there had been a heavy weapons tournament that morning and that Lord Gabriel Hawkes had proven the victor in that tournament. His Excellency then presented Gabriel with an invitation to the upcoming Amethyst Tournament for his proven valor on the field.

The Baron and Baroness then called for Lord Bovi Farmadr, They commended him for his fine metal working skills, and for his leather working skills, and his garb making, and for hosting so many arts and Sciences functions a this home, and for being named the newest companion of the Comet Azure-Argent, Scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier.

Their Excellencies saw that there were indeed more worthy gentles in the crowd and called forth Lady Madeliene de l'Este. They noted that she had been spending much time of late sitting at troll, and that They were very pleased by her service to the Canton of Steltonwald and the Barony-Marche as the Seschale of Steltonwald and so They awarded her a Comet Or, Scroll by Brianna of Steltonwald.

Their Excellencies being wise, know that a court cannot happen without the skilled scribes that contribute the scrolls that commemorate awards given, and this is indeed a high service, even more so is the thankless job of sending out scroll assignments. Their Excellencies invited Countess Aidan ni Lier into Their Court. They noted that this woman has served the barony for years as signet taking scroll assignments from Their Excellencies and distributing them to the scribes of the Barony, reminding Their Excellencies when when assignments are due, and insuring that scrolls are present at court when awards are given, additionally she had proven to be one of the most prolific scribes our barony has known, contributing personally more scrolls to the baronial courts than can be counted. For this Their Excellencies did produce a beautifully figured black scroll from Aidan's Apprentice THLady Gianna di Aurelio and so award her a Comet Azure-Argent for all that she does for the Barony.

Lord Deryk the Archer asked for a moment of time in Their Excellencies' Court and was invited to come forth and address the populace. Deryk said that he could not do so alone and asked if he might invite another to join him. Their Excellencies encouraged him to do so, and Deryk invited Bethany Archer to join him before Their Excellencies. Deryk then drew a wooden box from his pouch and opened it for her, showing its contents of an emerald ring which he did offer her as a sign of their entrance into a handfasting. Bethany took the ring and agreed that she would be very pleased to proceed on this course and be handfasted to him.

There being no further business, the court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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