>Court Report for Agincourt
October 25, AS xxxxiii (2008)

The report of the court of Their Excellencies Byron and Ariella Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, court held by the leave of Their Majesties Christopher and Morgen King and Queen of Sylvan Æthelmearc at the Agincourt event on October 25th as xxxxiii, reporting herald THLord Brandubh O'Donnghaile, assisted by Lord Pavel Dudoladov.

Their Excellencies opened court and invited Lord Liam Mac an Tsaoir, the Autocrat of the Event to attend them. They thanked Liam for hosting such a lovely event. Liam in turn invited Lady Constance Glyn Dwr, THLady Odrianna vander Brugghe, Lady Ruaidrí Mac Aoidh and Lady Sarab bint Alima to join him in court as without the aid of these ladies he could not have put together this event.

Lord Liam then turned his attentions to the deeds on the field, and presented prizes to those individuals who the marshals had chosen as the most chivalrous in the day's contests. Liam presented prizes to Lord Kaminari no Shiro for his chivalric comport on the Heavy Weapons field, to Lord Clewin Kupferhelbelinc and Jorundr hinn Rotinn for their deeds of chivalry on the fencing field, and to Lady Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen for her chivalry on the Thrown Weapons range.

Their Excellencies then turned Their attentions to Their champions as this day had been filled with tournaments to select new and qualified individuals to become the next generation of martial champions for the barony.

Lord Gabriel Hawkes was called forward as the Heavy Weapons champion, Gabriel held a tournament to find a successor, and the tournament had selected Sir Graedwynn mab Teyrnon to be the next Heavy Weapons champion of the barony. Gabriel passed the sword of his office to Graedwynn, and Their Excellencies invited Sir Graedwynn to join Their court. Gabriel was presented with a black and gold pearl beaded cross as a thank you for his service as Champion, and Graedwynn was presented with a scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier upon a text composed by Master Michael Alewright.

Lasher was called forward as the Youth Boffer Champion of the barony, he was presented with a pilgrim's badge as thanks for his service to the barony. Their Excellencies then called Jake of the Debatable Lands forward as he had proven the victor of the tournament that day. Their Excellencies presented Jake with brownies baked into the the shape of the arms of the barony as a reward for winning the title of Youth Boffer champion.

THLord Brandubh O'Donnghaile was called forward as the Archery Champion of the barony. Brandubh apologized that he had been unable to conclude some business as champion until this time, he had issued a challenge to the populace of the barony to compete in the Gwyntarian Winter Archery Challenge over the past winter, and had some individuals to recognize for it. Brandubh invited forward THLord Fintan na Coilled who submitted the highest Longbow score of 194, being ranked #3 of all archers across the known world, THLord Urho Walterinnen who submitted the highest Crossbow score of 193, being # 4 ranked of all archers in the competition, and Lady Muirghein Gealbhain who submitted the highest Recurve score of 149. To these 3 gentles who produced the highest scores in each form Brandubh gave them a bodkin arrow point for their own war arrows. Brandubh next invited Robert of the Debatable Lands forward, Robert had submitted the highest Youth score for the barony of 24 and for these Brandubh gave him a pair of horn dice. Brandubh recognized the achievements of Jorundr hinn Rotinn who submitted the highest score of any novice archers of 121, and was rewarded with one dozen arrow heads with which to repair his arrows. And Mistress Arianna of WInthrope was invited forward for the most improved score, Arianna started the season with a score of 66, and worked her way up to 124 with her recurve bow, for this Brandubh gave her a brass candlestick and candle as she was lighting the way.

Finally Brandubh returned to the topic of the day, he had held a tournament that day to determine the next archery champion of the barony, and the winner of the tournament was Lord Giovanni di Lupo, Brandubh handed over his baronial quiver full of arrows of past champions and added his bolt to it. Their Excellencies presented Brandubh with a beaded cross as thanks for his service, and Giovanni was presented a scroll by THLady Gianna di Aurelio upon a text composed by Master Michael Alewright.

Their Excellencies next called for Ian of the Debatable Lands, Ian had served as Youth Archery Champion of the barony for the last year, and had helped to design a tournament to decide the next champion, after all the arrows were shot, Robert of the Debatable Lands stood the victor on the archery field. Ian then paced one of his arrows in the baronial quiver and passed this regalia on to Robert. Their Excellencies presented Ian with a Pilgrims Badge to thank him for his service as Youth Archery champion and presented Robert with Brownies baked into the shape of the arms of the barony.

Lady Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen was called forward as Fencing Champion. Fredeburg had held a tournament and selected Lord William Paris as the next Fencing Champion of the barony. Fredeburg then passed both swords of office to William, the sharp on and the list legal once, as the regalia of the office. Their Excellencies presented Fredeburg with a beaded cross as thanks for her service, and William was presented a scroll by THLady Allesandra d'Avignon upon a text composed by Master Michael Alewright.

Their Excellencies called forward Their Thrown Weapons Champion Jorundr hinn Rotinn. Jorundr had also held a tournament to determine the next champion to follow him for Thrown Weapons. After all Axes and Knives found their marks, Lord Giovanni Magrino was the victor, and so Their Excellencies called him too into Their court. Jorundr passed the axe of his office to Giovanni. Their Excellencies invited Giovanni to join them in Their court, and presented Jorundr with a beaded cross in thanks for his services, and presented Giovanni with a scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier upon a text composed by Master Michael Alewright.

THLady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannnon was invited before Their Excellencies. Their Excellencies said that they had noticed her working throughout the barony, she had worked in the kitchens preparing feasts, worked at many troll tables, working at heraldic consult tables and commenting sessions, teaching about her fiber arts and working at demos, for all these things Byron and Ariella awarded her a Comet Or, Scroll by Fruthikona Hrefna inn heppma.

Their Excellencies called forward Lady Fredeburg von Katzenelllenbogen, they had noted her many artistic endeavors, especially her wood block cuts and wood block prints that had been admired by so many, for this They awarded her a Comet Azure-Argent, scroll by Lady Brianna of Steltonwald.

Their Excellencies then said that they had one more piece of business but that they needed Their herald for it, so they called forward THLord Brandubh O'Donnghaile, they said that they wished to thank him for the many things that he has done for the barony, for his services as herald, brewer, performances in commedia and at dance They awarded him a Comet Or, scroll by the hand of Lady Lara Sukhadrev.

There being no further business, the court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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