Court Report for the Last Court of Alonzio & Tatyana, Æthelmearc 10th Year Celebration
June 16, AS xlii (2007)

The report of the court of Their Excellencies Alonzio and Tatyana Baron and Baroness Debatable Lands, held by leave of Their Royal Majesties Rurik and Angelik King and Queen of Æthelmearc, Duncan and Ilish Prince and Princess of Æthelmearc attending. Court held on Saturday Morning June 16th AS xxxxii at Æthelmearc 10th Anniversary Event held at Coopers Lake Camp ground, Brandubh O'Donnghaile reporting herald.

Their Excellencies opened court by leave of Their Majesties.

Neilgus of the Nagan and Ian called Lasher were awarded Purple Comets in absentia for their prowess at boffer combat and archery. Backlog scrolls from Pennsic War Court, August 16th AS xxxxi by Aidan ni Lier and Brandubh O'Donnghaile Respectively.

Constance Glyn Dwr was invited to attend Their Excellencies and was given a Gold Comet for her years of service as Chirurgeon to the barony. Scroll from Jan 7th AS xxxxi at BMDL 12th Night by Aidan ni Lier.

Scrolls commemorating the Gold Comets of Rowan ni Naradhaigh and Ffynthcor o Fyndham were displayed to the populace. Scrolls by Anlaith ingen Trena and Hrefna inn heppna respecticely.

Alonzio and Tatyana called forward Brandubh O'Donnghaile, Cadell Blaidd du, Hrefna inn heppna and Kieran MacRae, to thank them for their services as herald during Their Reign.

Their Excellencies summoned Aidan ni Lier, Anlaith ingen Trena and Graidhne ni Rauidh to thank them for their services as scribal coordinators, handling the assignments of bvaronial scrolls.

Odriana vander Brugghe, Arabella MacGrath and Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen were thanked for their services as head retainer to Their Excellencies.

Those who had served Their Excellencies as Retainers were next called and thanked: Charles de Cayeux, Roana Devreux, Helyws Spynnere, Saskia van Ouwater, Thomas Byron of Haverford, Ariella of Thornbury, Clewin Kupferhelbelinc, Cassandra Theodoseus, Corwin Montgomery, Fionette ingen Cuchogaigh, Hilderun Hugelmann, Zianna Beguy Urdina de Tuylos, Illadore de Bedegrayne, Meg the Mad, Catriona MacKinnon, Ian and Raven, Margretha la Fauvelle, Alana Gryffyn, Lana Marrucci, Kazi Enkazi, Sasha Gray, Chritian Amaury de Launey, Thomas LeStrange, and Esa Baird.

For other massive support to Their Persons, the Barony and the Baronial Camp at Pennsic, Their Excellencies thanked Zoe Akropolitina, Andreas van Hassen, Giovanni di lupo, Ffynthcor o Fyndham, Rowan ni Naradhaigh, and Konstantinos Akropolites.

Their Excellencies called forward the scribes of the barony who had contributed scrolls to Their Courts to receive special thanks.

The Cooks of the Barony who had fed Their Excellencies so well and so often were next called up and thanked.

Alonzio and Tatyana invited the performers to attend them, the choir, the consort, I Genesii, the bards and all others who entertained and provided ambiance for Their Courts, so that they might thank them as well.

Lastly Alonzio and Tatyana presented tokens to the members of their household who served Them through Their reign.

There being no further business, this the final court of Their Excellencies Alonzio and Tatyana was closed.

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