Court Report for Castle Schola
November 4, AS xli (2006)

The Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Alonzio and Tatyana Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands held by the leave of Their Royal Majesties Christopher and Morgen at the Castle Schola event held on November 4th AS xli, Brandubh O Donnghaile reporting herald, surprise guest herald Giulietta da Venezia.

Their Excellencies invited Lady Aerin Tiene, the autocrat of the event into Their court. Aerin thanked all for attending and her staff for all their hard work to make this inaugural event at the castle run so smoothly. She also presented a housewarming gift of a small catapult to the hosts, Lord Thomas Byron of Haversford and Lady Ariella of Thornbury.

Dona Iladore de Bedegrayne was invited into the court, and was thanked for her service as baronial rapier champion, as she passed the regalia to the new rapier champion of the barony, Don Christian Amaury de Launey.

Lord Thomas Byron of Haversford was called before Their Excellencies and invested as the new rattan champion of the barony.

Their Excellencies had not seen enough of Don Christian Amaury de Launey and bid him present himself once more, and awarded him a Gold Comet for his services to the barony especially to the fencing community and service as past champion. Backlog scroll from court held at Pennsic on the 16th day of August as xli, by Her Excellency Aidan ni Lier.

His Excellency Alonzio then turned to Their Majesties and asked the favor of borrowing their Herald Giulietta da Venezia, His Excellency then called forward THLady Hilderun Hugelmann and THLord Brandubh O Donnghaile. Hilderun was awarded a Gold Comet for her services to the barony as an exchequer extroardinair. Brandubh was awarded a Red Comet for his skills in archery. Both Scrolls by Aidan ni Lier.

His Excellency next called THLord Robert Marston to attend him. Robert was awarded a Red Comet for his skills and long service in rattan combat, backlog scroll from court at War College on July 8th, as xli by Lady Lara Sukhodrev.

His Excellency spying yet more worthy individuals from within Their Majesties' Guard did bid William Paris to attend him. William was awarded a Red Comet for his great rise a fencer of renown, having in short order proven himself through the many tournaments at the Pennsic War and returned home to win the title of Queen's Rapier Champion of Æthelmearc. Scroll by Her Excellency Aidan ni Lier.

His Excellency gave gifts of thanks to Their Majesties, and there being no further business, the court was closed.

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