Court Report for Agincourt
October 21, AS xli (2006)

The Court Report of the court held by Their Excellencies Alonzio and Tatyana Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, court held by the leave of Their Royal Majesties Christopher and Morgen at Agincourt, court held on the 21st day of October 2006, AS xli, Brandubh O Donnghaile reporting herald.

Their Excellencies invited Liam Mac an Tsaor and Constance Glyndawr to thank them for their services as autocrats.

Morien MacBane was invited into Their Excellencies' presence and thanked for his services as marshal in charge for the days' heavy weapons tournaments. Morien in turn announced the winners and gave prizes for the tournaments of the day. Sir Isenwulf Thorolfsson had won the Atlantian speed tournament, THL Cetach Fitzgibbon won the combat archery tournament, and Ariella of Thornbury was awarded the marshals' choice award for chivalry and honor upon the field.

Master Emrys Eustace heit Broom was invited into the presence and thanked for his service of running the Arts and Sciences display table.

Their Excellencies next called Clewin Kupferhelbelinc into Their presence and thanked him for running the rapier tourneys of the day. Clewin announced that Wolfgang Gunthersohn had won the tournament that day, and the Don Corwin Montgomery was awarded the fencers' choice award for his performance that day.

The Baron and Baroness had also witnessed the tournaments of the day and required another fencer to attend them, Don Donan the solitary and gave him a gift and thanks for having the best drunken slur in the tavern brawl.

Their Excellencies bid Odrianna vander Brugghe to attend them as well and thanked her for her services that day as head cook.

Alana Gryphon was invited before Their Excellencies and thanked for her service as archery marshal of the day, Alana in turn gave an award scroll to the tournament winner Sara Whitby.

Their Excellencies found another Gentle worthy of thanks in the crowd and bid Arabella MacGrath attend them. They thanked Arabella for her years of service to them personally and to the barony as head retainer.

Kadan Chakhilghan Ger on Echen was given a Silver Comet for his skills in brewing, a backlog scroll from Their Excellencies' court at War on Aug 16, as xli, by Lara Sukhodrev.

Bianca Axbey was given a Gold Comet for her services to Steltonwald and to the Barony especially in kitchens, a backlog scroll from Their Excellencies' court at War College on July 8, as xli, by Anlaith ingen Trena.

As Bonita of Steltonwald made her way across the room to congratulate Bianca, Their Excellencies also called her forward to receive a Gold Comet, a backlog scroll from Their Excellencies' court at War College on July 8, as xli, by Sister Doubravka z Postoloprt.

Their Excellencies invited Geoffrey fitz David into Their presence and awarded him a Gold Comet for his long hours of service to Canton, Barony and Kingdom, a backlog scroll from Their Excellencies' court at War on Aug 16, as xli, by Clemente de Warrewyk.

Their Excellencies looked across the room and saw that Their Majesties' cups looked empty, and Their throats parched, so they chose to give tokens of thanks to Their Majesties in liquid form.

The court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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