Court Report for Vetr Þing
February 5, AS xxxix (2005)

These are the happenings of the day of the 117th day of winter (Feb 5th) Anno Societatis xxxix As Alonzio Baron and Tatyana Baroness sat in their mead-hall and rewarded mighty warriors for their feats of valor at the Vetr Þing.

  1. They were pleased with the hard work of Leifr Hjalmsson and so they gave him a Golden Comet inscribed by Cadell Blaidd du and painted by Lara Sukhodrev for his gift of shields so that the warriors might fight bravely, as well as his stewardship of carrying all manner of objects where his Baron would have them, and for being wise in the way of the law, advising others as to how they should behave at the Thing.
  2. Genevieve du Vent Argent Countess was given a Red Comet fashioned by Antoinette de la Croix as a token of favor for always going with the warriors as they went off to war. She would stand faithfully at the side of the battle nursing and feeding the wounded warriors as they left the field, even in the dead of the night did she journey far from the war and with her own gold she did buy water and food to comfort the warriors as they left the field.
  3. The Baron then turned to the table where his advisors were busy testing their skill at hnefatafl and called Cadell Blaidd du to him. He thanked Cadell for his service as herald, his clear voice had been the envy of Jarls and Kings who had wished to buy Cadell, but Alonzio Baron had not let him go for he knew also of the skill Cadell had at writing runes, telling tales, and even acting so he gave him a Silver Comet crafted by Caitriona inghean ui Bhraonain and runes written by Graidhne ni Ruaidh.
  4. Alonzio Baron was not done with his advisors yet, so he called Edmundo da Monreale to him. Edmundo was given a Silver Comet crafted by Katla Ulfhednor and written by Antoinette de la Croix, for Alonzio Baron was pleased with this bard. He told tales, could juggle, and act to the enjoyment of all, spreading the fame of Alonzio Baron who could afford to keep such bards. Not the least of his accomplishments was Edmundo stood as the last champion and defender to Tatyana Baroness at the 12th festivities.
  5. Miranda Enkazi known as Applesbane was called to the Baron's chair, she in turn was praised for her hard work and diligence in the kitchen and all round at Vetr Þing.

    Then Mighty Alonzio Baron watched his men as they competed for prize and honor that day.

    When all challenges had finished that day Alonzio Baron sat at his table as supper was soon to come, but he invited four champions to sit at cross table for their skills they had shown that day.
  6. Maghnus de Cnoc an Iora had held a Holmgangr on the field this day, and one mighty warrior had won. Vladisla Nikulich Baron received a handwoven chain necklace for his skill and strength.
  7. Hrefna in heppna Thorgrimsdottir challenged all comers to the thing to a game of hnefatafl, and Alastar Scott MacCrummin beat all opponents with his wit and craft, and so she gave him the beads that she made with her own hands.
  8. Giovanni Magrino had tested the crowds' skill at spear throwing, as the competitors fought in battle and hunted, and Hrothgar Ivarson proved the most true arm of all who threw that lance. Giovanni had wished to give the man who won his challenge Salt, but he could not afford it, and gave the winner a tome to explain why he could not.
  9. Tofi Kerthjalfadsson Baron had also tested the skill of the visitors to the Thing by challenging them to shoot fruit with bow and arrow. After all the apples were slain and the arrows counted, Muirghein Gealbhain was found to have pierced more apples than any other. As a reward for her skill Tofi gave her a sceag-axe.

    This done Alonzio sat to eat his meal.
  10. But the Law-Speaker of Rurik King did shamefully slander the name of Tofi Kerthjalfadsson and a law suit was started at the board where Alonzio Baron and Rurik King sat. Alonzio Baron spoke on behalf of Tofi and granted he and his wife Genevieve passports, skillfully written by Anlaith ingen Trena, that would guarantee their safety as they travelled to foreign lands or fear the vengeance of Alonzio baron. He then urged Rurik King to write his runes as well on this document and drop the lawsuit that they both would avenge any harm visited on Tofi as he travelled far from home. Rurik King heard these words and was swayed, the law-speaker also was swayed and took back the slander with which he had accused Tofi. Then Rurik King did sign this paper that all might know that Tofi is well loved in the Baron March of the Debatable Lands and all of Æthelmearc and he leaves with all our protection.

Then quiet fell over the mead-hall and toasts were drunk and all ate their meal.

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