Court Report for Pennsic War xxxiv
August 18, AS xl (2005)

The Following is the report of the Court of Their Excellencies Alonzio and Tatyana held in the Baronial Camp of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands at the Pennsic War, Court held on August 18, AS XL. Brandubh O'Donnghaile reporting Herald.

His Grace Rurik Longsword was invited into the court of Their Excellencies. His Grace was presented with a backlog scroll. Andreas van Hassen had finished the carving and painting of His Grace's Ducal Scroll, in the form of a blow-horn. The tone that issued forth from that horn as His Grace raised it to his lips was fearsome indeed.

Their Excellencies called in the crusading ninja squad of the Debatable Lands camp and thanked them for feeding the ambitions of His Excellency to rule the world. Tokens of thanks were given to Rowan ni Naradhaigh, Giovanni di Lupo, Tronose Modoc, Kazi Enkazi, Brandubh O'Donnghaile, Zhang Ming Li, Catriona MacKinnon, Andreas van Hassen, Jason, Ro, and Zoe Akropolitina.

The Court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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