Court Report for The Day at the Medieval Faire Demo
February 19, AS xxxix (2005)

The following is the Court Report from the court of Baron Alonzio of the Peacemakers of the 19th day of February, 2005, AS39 at The Day at the Medieval Faire Demo at the Washington Mall in the Shire of Kings Crossing, Heralded by Brandubh O Donnghaile.

  1. Master Creador Twine Dragon requested time in the court of His Excellency to do business. As is the custom of his people he presented the Baron with gifts of appreciation for this favor. The Demented Damsels and Dude were then called into court and Creador took Trinity Munro from their ranks and publicly took her as his student, giving her a tassel to wear as sign of their bond.
  2. Eldjarn Bildr was invited in to court to speak a few words to the populace. He thanked all the members of the Shire of Kings Crossing for taking both he and his Lady in to their ranks and making them feel like family. As token of his thanks, he presented the Shire with a handmade banner of the arms of the shire.
  3. Sven Tyrvisson was called into court as he had marshalled a Bear Pit Tourney that day. The winners he announced were a tie between Sir Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono and Sir Isenwulf Thorolfssone, both were given Leather tokens crafted by Ulfr hinn Svarti Juzki for their prowess in the list.
  4. Ivan Pevcov was called forward, having held a fencing tourney at the demo. The winner was Eoghan MacDuibhshithe who was given a leather token crafted by Ulfr hinn Svarti Juzki as well as a bracelet to show his skill with rapier.
  5. Zoe Akropolitina was called into court for hosting a youth combat tourney. All combatants distinguished themselves with honor and valor, but in the end Duncan MacAengus of Skye emerged victorious. He was given a leather token crafted by Ulfr hinn Svarti Juzki for his prowess in the list.
  6. Jacopo di Niccolo was called into court and made a member of the order of the Moonstone for his continual and noteworthy dedication to archery in this Kingdom, Barony and the Canton of Steltonwald. Scroll by Graidhne ni Rauidh based on the Lutrell Psalter, Dated from Aug 15th 2004, AS 39 from Baronial Court at Pennsic War 33.
  7. Creador Twine Dragon and the Shire of Kings Crossing (ie the Event Staff) were called in to court. Creador thanked all those who came to make the demo happen. Baron Alonzio thanked and gave tokens to all the staff and hard workers of the Shire.
  8. Court Closed.

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