Court Report for 12th Night
January 12, AS xxxix (2005)

Following is the report of the Court of their Excelllencies Alonzio and Tatyana held at Baronial 12th Night January 9th, AS xxxix.

Cadell Blaidd du begged a moment of their Excellencies' time, and the Office of Comet Pursuivant was transferred to Brandubh O Donnghaile. After promises of friendship Cadell was relieved of his post and Brandubh continued the court.

Arabella MacGrath was invited into their Excellencies' court to speak to the populace as Autocrat.

Andre van Hassen presented a gift of three Horse Hair Floggers to their Excellencies.

His Excellency announced that on the previous day at Kingdom 12th Night Don Lyev Davidovich had been sent on Vigil to appear at their Majesties' Court at Ice Dragon where he would be made a member of the Order of the Laurel.

The Baron and Baroness presented gifts of appreciation to I Genesii and the Debatable Choir.

Michael Alewright was called forth to announce the winners of the boffer tourney:
The youth tourney winners were Kenneth and Miranda.
The senior tourney and taunt competition was won by Dan of Chatham.
And the children won the special exhibition match of the Marshall versus all of the youth entrants.

Sasha Grey and Christian de Launey were invited to speak about the Fencing tourney of the day:
Tobias Craythorne won the tourney of the day, but was unable to stay until court.
Charles de Cayeux was awarded the Prize for grace and amusement on the field.

Edmundo da Monreal was invited into the court to announce the winner of the Baroness' Bard competition. Edmundo passed the sash to Lucetta di Cosimo as the new Baroness' bard.

One Item of backlog business was completed: Lothar Hugelman was given a Gold Comet for his service as the Herlad of Kings Crossing, dated June 12, AS 39. Caligraphy by Graidhne ni Ruaidh, Illumination by Conon Pivovar.

Cai O'r Llyn was given a Gold Comet for his work as Baronial Dance Master. Calligraphy by Garidhne ni Ruaidh, Illumination by Anlaith ingen Trena.

Wolfgang Guntherson was given a Gold Comet for his Service to Cour d'Or, the Schlepper's Guild and at the Pennsic Gate. Calligraphy by Graidhne ni Ruaidh, Illumination by Anna Eisenkopf.

Mathias Mendel was given a Red Comet for his skills with Heavy Weapons, especially Polearm. Scroll by Hrefna inn Hepna.

The Debatable Choir was invited to perform as the Misrule Cakes were distributed through the crowd.

The Lord and Lady of Misrule were given the thrones of their Excellencies.
Lady of Misrule, Autumn
Lord of Misrule, Chenad Zomyw

Their Excellencies having left the stage at this time, their court closed.

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