Records of the Term of Tofi and Genevieve

Baronial Court - Investiture of Genevieve & Tofi, 5/20/00

No Baronial awards were given out.

We gave Langdon & Ardis the Barony's gift of $400 (raised by private donations) towards their new baronial coronets

Some other gifts were presented to Langdon & Ardis, and we were presented with some gifts.

Baronial Court 7/1/00 - Barony Birthday

Reinhardt von Berchtesgarden - Comet Gules

Jacopo di Niccolo - Comet Gules

Eleanor Vaughn - Comet Or

Michael Orbus - Comet Or

Brandubh O'Donnghaile - Comet Or

Ailis Linne - Comet Or

Thomas Ouswood - Comet Or

Teagus Khan - Comet Azure/Argent

Katherine Sinclair - Comet Azure/Argent

Vanda - Comet Vert

Baronial Court 9/23/00 - Archer's to the Wald Event, Canton of Steltonwald

Bonita of Steltonwald - Comet Azure/Argent

Alistair Og MacMeans of Glen Sheil - Comet Gules (archery)

Geoffrey Fitz David - Comet Or

Isabel Graver - Comet Or

Alessandra de l'Avignon - Comet Or

Karana Yabokchi - Comet Or

Ragnar Kettilson - Comet Or

Rowan Ashebrooke - Comet Or

Baronial Court 1/13/01 - Baronial Twelfthnight

Speaking as Regents for Cygnus and Dorinda, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, Their Excellencies awarded Arms to William FitzGeorge of Gloucester for his many accomplishments helping out at events. The scroll was illuminated by Lady Aerin Teine and calligraphed by Her Excellency, Baroness Genevieve.

Daimhin Sinne - Comet Or

Cecily of Whitehaven - Comet Or

Kazi Enkazi - Comet Azure-Argent

Brion Enkazi - Comet Azure-Argent

Dani of the Seven Wells - Comet Azure-Argent

Baronial Court Feb. 17, 2001

Miriel Verdi - Comet Or

Giulietta da Venenzia - Comet Or

Aerin Teine - Comet Or

Kris Gilibari - Comet Azure-Argent

Kieran MacRae - Comet Azure-Argent

Baronial Court at War Practice, 5/19/01

Announcement of Archery Champion: Charles the Acquisitioner

Announcement of Thrown Weapons Champion: Jacopo di Niccolo

Announcement of winner of Inter-Baronial Heavy Weapons Champions Tourney: Brion Enkazi

Tessa the Huntress: Comet Or

Bethany of Bedford: Comet Azure-Argent

Gunther Schwartzrose: Comet Or

Anling: Comet Or

Giovanni Magrino: Comet Gules

Cynnwulf Rendell: Comet Vert

Ceinwen ferch Llewellyn ab Owain: Comet Vert

Pennsic 30 Baronial Court Report 8/12/01

Ronald of the Foxes Glen - Comet Purpure

Arden of Arden - Comet Purpure

Jonathan Ragnarsson - Comet Or

Grettir Halfskeg - Comet Or

Anastasia of Rosebriar Cross - Comet Or

Tatyana - Comet Or

Fianna Harpar - Comet Or

Hraefn in Hepna Thorgrimsdottir - Comet Or

Arslan ibn Da'ud - Comet Or

Filip of the Marche - Comet Or

Juliana de Luna - Comet Or

Ailis Lynne - Comet Or

Cadell Blaidd Du - Comet Or

Charles the Acquisitioner - Comet Gules (archery)

Anna Eisenkopf - Comet Gules (thrown weapons)

Georg Eisenfaust - Comet Gules (thrown weapons & heavy weapons)

Lyev Davidovich - Comet Gules (fencing)

Arianna of Wynthrope - Comet Azure/Argent

Michelina - Comet Azure/Argent

Michael Alewright - Comet Azure/Argent

Malcolm MacEwen - Comet Azure/Argent

Katerina Affodil - Comet Azure/Argent

Margaret MacDubshithe - Comet Azure/Argent

Gideon Lydiard - Comet Vert

Branwyn Fitzpayne - Comet Vert

Marixa of Crawfordsmuir - Comet Vert

8/12/01 Regent Court for HRM Morguhn & Meirwen

Graedwyn Mab Teyrnon - Companion of the Sycamore

Baronial Court - Archer's to the Wald? 9/22/01

Ce'tach Fitzgibbon - Comet Gules (combat archery)

Glynnis of the Inn of the Laughing Fox - Comet Azure/Argent (cooking)

Court Report - St. Nicholas Day Event, 12/1/01

Ruadri MacAodha - Comet Or

Phillippa Coleman - Comet Or

Eoghain Fionn MacDubshithe - Comet Or

Barak ben David - Comet Azure/Argent

Catrionna McKinnon - Comet Azure/Argent

Daniel O'Ryan the Fletcher - Comet Purpure

Aindreas Mac Ghille Fiontagh a'Gath Argiod - Comet Vert

Martin Lewis - Comet Vert

Baronial Court - BMDL Twelfthnight, Jan. 19, 2002

Kaithren Rowand - Comet Or

Duncan Mac Aengus - Comet Purpure

Roland of Willowbrook - Comet Purpure

Antoinette de la Croix - Comet Vert

Baronial Court at Music & Dance 4/27/02

First Baronial Court (after the Coroso Ball):

Juliana da Luna - Comet Azure/Argent

Charles de Cayeaux - Comet Azure/Argent

Roana d'Evreaux - Comet Azure/Argent

Cai or Lynn - Comet Azure/Argent

Lyev Davidovich - Comet Azure/Argent

Christof the Pathfinder - Comet Azure/Argent

Alaric Mac Connel - Comet Or

Arabella McGrath - Comet Or

Kieran Mac Rae - Comet Or

Baronial "Addendum Court" (just before the evening ball)

Edmundo Cercatore da Monreale - Comet Azure/Argent

Therese Irene Edeline - Comet Azure/Argent

Ffynthcor o Findam - Comet Or

Baronial Court - 6/22/02 Barony Birthday

Illador de Bedagrayne - Comet Or

Leonard the Younger - Comet Azure/Argent

Graedwyn mab Teyrnon - Comet Azure/Argent

Leif Hjalmsson - Comet Azure/Argent

Richenda du Jardin - Comet Azure/Argent

Gordon of Westover - Comet Azure/Argent

Katdavar - Comet Gules

Allison Poinvillars de Tours - Comet Azure/Argent

Graidhne ni Ruadh - Comet Azure/Argent

Isenwulf Thoralfson - Comet Gules

Tessa the Huntress - Comet Gules

Malcolm McEoghainn - Comet Gules

Finn Marland O'Shannon - Comet Gules

Wulfgar mab Graedwyn - Comet Purpure

Christopher Rawlins - Comet Vert

New Martial Baronial Champions:

Heavy Weapons: Sir Kadan Chakhilghan

Fencing: Don Donnan the Solitary

Archery: Angus MacDougal

Thrown Weapons: Lord Giovanni Magrino

Baronial Court - Weapons Pro 7/13/02

William McMoody - Comet Gules

Michael Alewright - Comet Gules

Reinhardt von Berchtesgarden - Comet Or

Iona of the Isles - Comet Azure Argent

Baronial Court - Pennsic 31, 8/11/02

Johan von Traubenberg - Comet Gules

Kadan Chakhilghan - Comet Or

Aengus MacBane - Comet Or

Yvainne de Castel d'Avignon - Comet Or

Michaelina Cenomani da Trento - Comet Or

Alexandra of Clan McFarland - Comet Or

Ciara ingen ui Mhaille - Comet Or

Sorcha O'Rourke - Comet Or

Neefa bint Durr - Comet Azure Argent

Rowan Ashbrooke - Comet Azure Argent

Jeannette de Beauvoir - Comet Azure Argent

Nikolai - Comet Azure Argent

Baronial Court - Archers to the Wald 9/21/02

Charles Chardot - Comet Or

Bonita of Steltonwald - Comet Or

Caetach Fitzgibbon - Comet Or

Jacopo di Niccolo - Comet Or

Alana d'Avignon - Comet Or

Alessandra d'Avignon - Comet Azure Argent

Alicia of Steltonwald - Comet Or

Loric of Steltonwald - Comet Or

Aiobheil of Dun Holen - Comet Azure Argent

Alana Griffin - Comet Gules

Angus MacDougal - Comet Gules

Berengaria d'Hannault - Comet Vert

Ilish O'Donovan of Cork- Comet Vert

Twelfthnight Revel 1/12/03

Alonzio of the Peacemakers - Comet Or

Charles O'Connor - Comet Or

Christofano del Vecchione - Comet Or

Kris Gilibari - Comet Or

Margaret Blackwell - Comet Azure Argent

Muirchein Gaelsbane - Comet Gules

New Baroness' Bard: Brion Enkazi

War Practice, May 17, 2003

Eoghan MacDubhshithe - Comet Gules

Gunther Schwartzrose - Comet Gules

Ruadhri MacAodha - Comet Gules

Nils von den Eichenbergen - Comet Or

Teresa Luisa Alvarez - Comet Azure-Argent

Fianna Harpar - Comet Azure-Argent

Court of the Khan, July 12, 2003


Heavy Weapons: Sir Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono

Fencing/Rapier: Don Christian de Launey

Archery: Muirchein Gaelsbane

Thrown Weapons: Master Alastar Scott McCrummin


Charles de Cayeux - Comet Or

Rannveig - Comet Or

Giovanni Magrino - Comet Or

Lothar von dem Hugelvšlk - Comet Or

Tatyana the Khushka - Comet Azure-Argent

Anastasia of Rosebriar Cross - Comet Azure-Argent

Illadore de Bedegrayne - Comet Azure-Argent

Miranda - Comet Purpure

Rurik Longsword - Comet Vert (Scroll presented at Pennsic)

Edmund Tregelles - Comet Vert (Scroll presented at Baronial Investiture)

Quinn Kerr - Comet Vert (Scroll presented at St. Swithen's Bog 3-day Event)

Lodovic of Grays Inn - Comet Vert (Scroll presented at St. Swithen's Bog 3-day Event)

PENNSIC 32 BARONIAL COURT - Sun. Aug. 10, 2003

Forge ColdIron: Comet Or

Fintan Na Coilled: Comet Or

Gianna di Aurelio: Comet Or

Cionaedh Gunn: Comet Or

Aidan Gunn: Comet Gules

Don Christian de Launey: Comet Gules

Sasha Gray: Comet Gules

Master Alastar Scott MacCrummin: Comet Gules

Angus (called "the Red"): Comet Gules

Wilhelm von Stromberg: Comet Azure-Argent

Konon Pivovar: Comet Azure-Argent

Pavla de la Satu Mare: Comet Azure-Argent

Arielle: Comet Vert (this one was actually given on Tues. Aug. 12th.)

Final Court of Tofi & Genevieve - Baronial Investiture of Alonzio & Tatyana, 10/18/03:

Sir Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono - Comet Or

Lady Bianca Axeby - Comet Or

Kunteil der Bogenschultze - Comet Or

Tomasia da Collina Ventuso - Comet Or

Cateline Attawell - Comet Or

Alyssa - Comet Purpure

Baronial Champions were asked to continue to serve our successors until they held their next championships.

Many thank-you tokens were distributed.

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